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Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

DO NOT listen to people that say email marketing is dead. It isn’t dead, it’s simply evolved, and you will have to evolve with it or suffer the consequences of declining open rates and even lower click-through rates.

Segmented & Sequenced

Two concepts that can help you better utilize your email database are segmented email marketing and sequenced email marketing.

Segmented Email Marketing

Segmented email marketing means creating different segments (or lists) within your database based on your customers’ previous behavior.  For example, you can run a list of individuals in your practice that have received Botox but not filler treatments.  This would be a “segmented” list, and crafting a message, or special offer, to these individuals would be more effective than blasting it out to an entire database.

Segmented emails are the first step in developing a better email marketing strategy.  These email lists will always have a higher open rate and can move the needle in the practice as you use data from your customers’ behavior to inform what communication you will send them.  

Sequenced Email Marketing

Sequenced emails are great for automating the messages you want to give to your customers. They are referred to by other names like “drip campaigns” or “email automation,” but the goals are the same.  These tactics allow you to set up specific times and content to deliver to your end customer for a robust customer experience.  Setting these sequenced emails up requires a little know-how, but nothing cannot be accomplished on the more popular email platforms like Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Email Marketing Solution

Ink Strategies specializes in developing effective email campaigns for medical aesthetic practices.  Our team has years of experience in the aesthetic space and can create newsletters that impact your business in a meaningful way.

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