Video Marketing

We specilaize in creating video content that positions you as the expert.

Why Engage in Video Marketing?

Video content combines all of the elements of digital marketing. It allows the consumer to get to know your brand before meeting anyone from your office in person, thus giving you a competitive advantage over other practices that do not engage in video marketing.

Besides giving you a fundamental advantage in the market, most social platforms have communicated to their customers that video is where they are moving because the content is simply more engaging. Engagement is what these social platforms want because that keeps the end-user on the platform longer. And the longer an individual is on the platform, the more ads they can run. Aligning your marketing efforts with these changes creates synergy because you are not running against the grain with the tech giants in the digital space.

Video Marketing Strategy

Developing a video marketing strategy is paramount before you start investing time and money into producing your videos. Systematizing your video content production is imperative if you plan to stay committed to creating videos over the long haul.

Understanding the basics of developing ideas for content and tools needed to obtain quality video, editing, and distribution is paramount if you are going to place your brand as the expert in the field.

Video Marketing Solution

Ink Strategies specializes in developing, capturing, and editing quality video content for providers and practices in the medical aesthetic and elective healthcare sector. Our knowledgeable team knows how to work with clients to produce video content efficiently and effectively.

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Video Marketing


We specialize in video marketing for aesthetic practices.

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Medical aesthetic experts helping you create quality video content.

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